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Families Save August and September Dates!

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THIS SUNDAY, August 9:

10 a.m. Summer Worship through Labor Day weekend, Summer Worship Services will at 10 a.m.


This week, Rev. Charles Monaco will preach a sermon called "Seeking God is a Two Edged Sword".  Rev. Monaco is an ordained Interfaith Minister who has worked for over 15 years therapeutically with groups and individuals using music, movement, and mental imagery.  Rev. Charles is also the facilitator for our Life and Loss Grief Group at FPC.


The nursery will be open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


There will be no 10 o' Clock Hour during the summer. We will resume in Fall.


Sunday School: We continue our summer series of "Veggie Tales" this week. 
Children are invited to worship with all of us until the sermon, then meet upstairs in the Rose Room with our new teacher, Laura Koenig.


Farewell to the Mensah Ford family.  Lisa Mensah, Barry Ford, and their children, Rebecca and Andrew, will be moving to the D.C. area.  Help us send them off with blessings and travelling mercies at coffee hour today after Service in the Peace Garden. 

Other news:


Total Request August:  Rev. Beth is still taking sermon topics for September; in the meantime, the Mission Review Survey gave rave reviews for having members speak about their passions.  Look for more of your friends and neighbors to preach in August. 


In addition, Save the Date for two special Guest Preachers at FPC in September:


Sept 6 (10:00AM): Dr. Ingrid Reneau.  Dr. Reneau is a missionary specializing in access to education and peacemaking in the Sudan.  She is sponsored by the Presbyterian Church (USA).  


Sept 13 (11:00AM):  Dr. Paul Smith.  HOMECOMING SUNDAY start the fall at FPC off with a warm welcome to our beloved pastor emeritus, Dr. Paul Smith, and to all our friends we've missed over the summer.  


Clerk's Report: "Session has been busy this summer."  See attached report.


Flea Market at First Church -- members have been bringing in books to sell and along with some items left from previous sales in the Elliott Room, over the past three weeks the Fellowship Hour team has sold items totaling over $300.   The funds will go to Touching Tiny Lives or other charities that FPC supports.  Have some books you want to give up?  Bring them to church on Sunday.  Lesotho needs our help more than ever.  Social Action committe member Jim Palmer sent this news link on the area:


Baseball Game for families: Our 3rd Annual Summer Youth & Family Baseball game will be on Saturday, August 15th, at Keyspan Park in Coney Island Brooklyn. Please speak to Mark and Jill Elsenheimer or Mario Adorno; you can also email Jill Huguet at  to reserve your tickets.  We have 15 tickets available.  There will be a fireworks display after the game.


Mid-week Boost will resume in September: For information please contact Aris Peguero at or Edna Asknes at  We still expect you to boost yourself in August--make sure to take your vacation and your friends out to dine al fresco.


Green Team - The Peace Garden needs regular watering during the dry season (June 12th through September 12th). Please contact Uda at

or Jill at  if you are able to help water for one week or more this summer.  God signed up the last two weeks and did a terrific job with the rains.  You never know - God might help you out on your week, too. 


Job Bank: Do you have skills or know of employment? Contact Susan Schultz at  to list your ideas on the FPC Job Bank.


Bertilla Baker on Broadway -   The Broadway Inspirational Voices, of which Bertilla Baker, our choir soloist, has been a member for many years, has just recently acquired its not-for-profit status, and is currently seeking someone who can write grant proposals.  There might be some pay involved, but the choir, which for more than ten years has been raising money for people in the performing arts community who are living with AIDS and for women with serious health issues, is looking for someone who can do this work pro bono. If you or anyone you know can assist in this matter, please contact Bertilla Baker by email at or by phone at 212-695-0426.


Church Sunday School: On September 13, 2009, we will have registration for the 2009-2010 Sunday School.  Please come and register your child(ren) so that we will know how many FPC t-shirts we need for September 27 (see below).


On September 27, 2009 from 5 pm to 7 pm, we will have a Back to School pizza party for all the Sunday School families.  At that time, we will explain the 2009-2010 Sunday School curriculum and goals.  We will also distribute t-shirts to our Sunday School  children.  Please come and bring the kids.  Babysitting will be provided. 


 PLAYBACK THEATRE  is a free workshop introducing this participatory improvisational theater for, teaching techniques to enhance  spontaneity, expressiveness, self-awareness, musicality and collective decision making.  Open for anyone 15 years and older.  Facilitated by Susan Metz - MS in Ed & MFA in Writing Poetry Graduate of the School of Playback Theatre (2006) with 10 years of experience teaching Playback.  Assisted by Rev. Charles Monaco.  Tuesdays: 8/11/09 and 9/8/09 from 6:30 to 9 PM, Sat. Sept. 12, 3to 5:30 PM.  Please let us know when you plan to attend


On the calendar:


For more details about calendar events, click on this link. Click again on the event on the calendar to read a description.


Wednesday, August 12:

Men's Breakfast at 7:30 a.m., at the Park Plaza Diner on Cadman Plaza. Contact Jim Palmer at

CSA Delivery for Food Pantry:  7:45p.m.  Contact Linda Kolts to help at


Thursday, August 13:

Food Pantry, 10 to 11 a.m. To volunteer, contact Jane Woland at

Youth Activities, 11am -12:30pm: games, arts and baking

Summer Music Series - Organ Concert starts at 7 p.m. in the Sanctuary.



Friday, August 14

Garden Parties, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Peace Garden.  Contact Prisca Owens at for more information.


Saturday August 15

Our 3rd Annual Summer Youth & Family trek to Coney Island to take in some Brooklyn baseball! @ 6 pm: Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball Game.

Please email Jill Huguet at  for more information. 


Who/where to connect:

Please stay current on your pledge.

Online Donations: Contribute to the church through a secure online account. To find it on the church website, http ://, go to the Site Credits/ Link tab and select First Church Donation Account Setup. Or go to

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