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Special Notices on Church Business

Special Note on Church Business.

There is much happening at FPC during this time of transition – so much, in fact, that we are sending this update separately from the church newsletter. Included below is a report from co-Clerks Edna Asknes and Marcia Smith; information about the Pastor Nominating and Mission Review committees; and reports from the 10 o'Clock Hour series and Sacred Conversations.

Clerks' Report.

Dear FPC Brooklyn,

We write to keep you updated and informed about the work and service of our many Elders, congregants (members and non-members), and volunteers in addition to the great fellowship and discipleship many of you are already offering.

The next Session meeting will be held on Thursday June 18th. Rev. Arabella Meadows-Rogers, the Executive Presbyter will be our guest. During this meeting, Rev. Meadows-Rogers will explain & review the PNC process. Please submit questions about Session or the PNC process to Edna via email, a note in the Clerk mailbox or a note in the "Questions for Session" box in the narthex.

At the May 31 Congregational Meeting, the Church Wide Nominating Committee added 2 new members, Sam Murumba & Kimbirly Mack, by congregational vote. The CWNC is charged with nominating members for ordination as Elders and for nominating the PNC slate. The CWNC is currently accepting statements of interest from FPC members who are interested in being on the new PNC. The deadline for applications is June 26, 2009. Prayerfully consider being a part of this vey important process. A description of the role & the responsibilities is available in the narthex.

Those who are interested in serving on the PNC should attend the June 21st session of the 4 part series "Searching for a Pastor the Presbyterian Way". The focus on that Sunday will be the actual process of calling a new pastor; past PNC participants (from FPC and other churches) will share their experiences. All are welcome to attend the series, which is held at 10am in the Elliott Room. (See below for a summary of the June 7th session.)

For those who are not members but wish to join, the next membership class is being held on Saturday June 20th 10a-12Noon. For additional information or to register, please contact Peggy Swisher at Remember, this will be the last membership class before we vote for the new PNC.

The Mission Review Committee from 2007 has reconvened and added 4 new members. (Look for their multicolored leis.) They will be meeting and talking with congregants over the next 3 to 4 weeks seeking additional information to update the 2007 Mission Review Report. If you didn't receive a copy of the Report during the May 31st Service, copies are available in the narthex. Comments can be written directly on the Report or emailed to the church. The updated MR Report will then be reported to Session and to the Congregation and given to the new PNC as a reference.

Ernie Salvi, our Custodian of 33 years, will be retiring effective June 30, 2009. His last Sunday will be June 28th. We will have a small ceremony during Worship Service honoring him and his years of service to FPC Brooklyn. The Clerks and the Personnel Committee will be interviewing candidates over the next two months for the position. Please email Marcia or Edna if you know of anyone interested in the position.

Session has initiated the process of interviewing potential candidates for Interim Pastor. Co–Clerk Edna is spearheading the process. Please email her with questions or comments.

As we go into the summer months, opportunities to connect, grow & fellowship abound. In addition to the weekly Coffee Hour, we encourage you to partake, contribute and participate in the Garden Parties (Fridays), Mid-Week Boost (Wednesdays), the Choir's Summer Music Series (Thursdays), the Men's Breakfasts (Wednesdays) & the Women's Potluck Dinners (1st Sunday of the month). Check the weekly bulletin, the church bulletin board, the website or call the office for details.

May God continue to bless and guide you,

Your Sisters in Christ,

Edna Asknes and Marcia Smith, co-Clerks of Session /

The Mission Review Committee (MRC) has the responsibility of preparing a report that reflects the congregation's views, sentiments, and preferences in support of the selection process for a new minister. We are in the early stages of soliciting input from you, our church members, that will permit us to update and freshen the Committee's original report that was prepared over 2 years ago. During the next few weeks you can help and assist us as follows:

- Complete and submit the updated member questionnaire that will be available at each Sunday service and on the FPC website at

- Review and comment on the content of the MRC report draft…also available on the website and in the sanctuary.

- Members of the Mission Review Committee will be conspicuous and welcome your comments and input in any form: Richard Greene, Jane Quinn (co-chairs), Emily Thomas, Barbara Cummings, Merrie Lee Gottlieb, Jim Johnson, Reeves Carter, Dorothy Gill, and new members: Jim Palmer, Taylor Noguero, Aris Peguero, or Patty Watwood.

Our task will be completed by the end of July, so please make an effort to communicate your views to us. The MRC would like your comments on the Mission Review Report. Please read, comment, and send to by June 21, 2009. Thanks much.

Richard Greene, Jr., Jane Quinn, Co-Chairs

Church Wide Nominating Committee (CWNC) met on Wednesday, June 10th by conference call. They seek expressions of interest from Church members (and members only!) interested in serving on the New Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC). Please prayerfully consider taking up this service to the Church, with energy, discernment, listening ears and open hearts. Expressions of interest are due by June 26th; a Congregational Meeting will be called to elect a new PNC from the slate nominated by the CWNC on June 28th, 2009

If you are interested in serving, please contact any current committee member: Jon Abernethy, Chair, Bernice Adorno, Nate Dudley, Marta Nelson, Sam Murumba, or Kimbirly Mack by emailing them at

Classes and Dialogues on the Process: Participants in Sunday's 10 o'clock Hour and the after-church Sacred Conversations have summarized their discoveries for you.

From Ten o' Clock Hour Class: Session 1: On How We Govern.

"Who knew that talking about church governance could be so lively and so joyous? In the first session of four-week series, Meagan Manas and Sarah Wiles led a discussion on "Foundations of How We Govern." The group looked at a few select passages from the Presbyterian Book of Order, including the assertion that in matters of religion, the right to private judgment is "universal and unalienable." In other words, as Presbyterians we are granted the absolute right to think for ourselves. Still, according to the principles of church order, there is such a thing as truth, although people "of good character" might disagree about exactly what forms truth takes. How are we to negotiate differences? "The Presbyterian way is to trust more people, rather than fewer, to make decisions," Manas said. The process requires patience, but it gives churches, rather than leaders, authority to find the right way forward. As one class member put it succinctly: "Truth matters, but as long as we are searching for it with authenticity, it doesn't matter so much if there are differences along the way – we should cut each other some slack." For next week's discussion on "Leadership in the PC (USA), two session members will sit in and discuss their experience.

Upcoming sessions in this series, "SEARCHING FOR A PASTOR THE PRESBYTERIAN WAY," will be led by Meagan Manas, Paul Mowry, and Sarah Wiles during the 10 o'Clock Hour meeting on Sunday in the Thurman Room. For more information email Rev. Beth at

June 14 Leadership in the PC (USA)

June 21 The Process of Calling a New Pastor

June 28 Particular Theological Issues in the Process of Calling a Pastor

From Sacred Conversation led by Many Mansions: 20 in attendance.

Last Sunday, Many Mansions for an hour after church continued their
exploration of the various mansions in which we all live, as we
collectively make up this First Presbyterian Congregation. Last Sunday,
over a feast of home-made goodies, we continued the deep sharing of
ourselves which builds community. We talked of our hopes and concerns for
the church at this particular time. But most importantly, we were able to
experience the joy of a deep and honest conversation of honest speaking
and deep listening. These gatherings will continue monthly. We will
continue to travel together to find out about where each of us lives and
explore the many mansions that make up the First Church village. If you
want to join the planning committee please contact Emily Thomas at

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